Myodrol-HSP® Platinum – The One & Only Original Muscle Creator – 30 Ct.

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Build rock hard muscle, increase strength & lose fat at the same time with ALL NEW MYODROL-HSP® PLATINUM 2022! 

Myodrol-HSP® takes is foundations from Hungarian discovery of 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone, a metabolic agent which can offer anabolic activities with no androgenic side effects as it comes under the category of non-hormonal anabolic / anti-catabolic compounds. These powerful flavones have been shown to decrease cortisol levels, increase protein synthesis, and improve overall recovery from exercise.

Methoxyisoflavone was developed by Hungarian researchers as a way to increase lean body mass in live stock without increasing the amount of their food intake. The researchers findings indicate that Methoxyisoflavone increases nutrient usage and also suppresses cortisol, a stress hormone that causes muscle wasting.

These plant isoflvones increase protein synthesis and lean mass. They also reduce body fat, lower cholesterol levels, promote endurance, an increase state of vitality, and increase the body’s ability to use oxygen – All this with out negative side effects.


Build rock hard muscle, increase strength & lose fat at the same time! 

After one university study and several blood trials, as well as ample empirical data, it’s a fact: Myodrol-HSP® is the world’s most powerful muscle builder by some distance! You absolutely can increase the rates at which you build muscle and lose fat! But we didn’t stop there. We took the next anabolic/lipolytic step.

We’ve invented a brand new compound that literally makes all other muscle hardening compounds completely obsolete! In fact, even though our new formula is still called Myodrol-HSP®, the design has changed so dramatically that there’s no aromatizing compounds left in the molecule!

Is Myodrol-HSP® like HMB or Deca, or Somewhere In Between?

All in all, the old version of Myodrol-HSP® showed a great deal of promise. But did it pan out in the real world, in the gym and on the scales?

Well, the answer is a conditional yes!

The reason I said results are “conditional,” is because there are four key factors that must be successfully dealt with before you see muscle gains and fat loss. It’s just like taking steroids. If you don’t achieve and sustain high enough blood levels, you can kiss results goodbye, bubba.

We brought Myodrol-HSP® to the supplement industry, which has resulted in many new products hitting the market that contain the anabolic flavone. Unfortunately, most of the companies that developed these supplements didn’t pay attention to the doses required for muscle-building results or the delivery system required to efficiently load the body. As a result, most of the methoxy products don’t work!

On the other hand, we funded research to find out the facts. We knew we needed better answers. We wanted to determine the effective dose for achieving maximum results. We also wanted to evaluate just how effective our delivery system is.

Bottom line, after one university study and several blood trials, as well as ample empirical data, we’ve now determined that compounds in Myodrol-HSP® does indeed work! You absolutely can increase the rates at which you build muscle and lose fat! But, you have two high hurdles to overcome before getting the gold. In other words, if you don’t incorporate the proper dosing and delivery parameters with methoxy, it’ll be as effective as HMB — it won’t work!

The first obstacle we tackled was the delivery system. We found that our engineered caplet system is approximately 10 times more efficient than regular, encapsulated active ingredients at achieving optimal blood concentrations. So, you’d have to take grams of the regular stuff to get the same amount in the body as you’d achieve with 2500 mg of our Myodrol-HSP® engineered plant extracts. Based on our calculations, our system transports nearly 100% of the active ingredients into the body.

So, as you can see, it’s no surprise that most of the other products on the market don’t work. You’d have to take 15 grams of the stuff a day! And at those amounts, you’re bound to have an absorption problem. Our only conclusion is that it’s impossible to achieve optimal results without a delivery system as effective as our liquid.

You can say that I’m biased, that I have an economic interest in essentially saying our liquid is the only one that works. I’m also dead-on right. Just because I have an economic interest in something doesn’t preclude me from stating the facts. And it’s a fact: Our liquid is the only effective delivery system for methoxy that’s currently on the market.

Does that mean that there never will be another method of delivery as good or even better? Absolutely not! In fact, it’s hard for me to intellectually fathom the idea that other methods couldn’t be developed. It’s just that, other than Myogenetix, no one has produced one to date.

The second very important discovery we made has to do with dosing. We began our research using a daily dose of 1000 mg (500 mg 2x/day). Later on, however, we determined that 1000 mg was too low, and that 2500 mg is the ideal dosage for all the subjects we evaluated. Statistically, we did see anabolic/lipolytic trends at 1000 mg, but 2500 is where you really notice the effects.

But even at the 1000-mg level, in eight weeks, subjects gained 5 pounds of LBM and lost 4 pounds of body fat without reducing calories. And when you increase the dosage to 2500 mg a day, results seem to more than double, which is spectacular considering we’re not affecting androgen levels.

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1 review for Myodrol-HSP® Platinum – The One & Only Original Muscle Creator – 30 Ct.

  1. Ananya Mishra

    Myodrol Platinum is one of the best products I ever used. You too can use it, your strength and muscles increase for real!

    • myogenetixindia

      Thanks. In fact, one of the best ever!

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What is Myodrol-HSP and how does it benefit muscle building and fat loss?

Myodrol-HSP is an innovative muscle creator designed for rock-hard muscle, increased strength, and simultaneous fat loss. It stands out as the world's most potent muscle builder, supported by university studies and empirical data.

What makes Myodrol Platinum different from other versions?

Myodrol Platinum is a targeted formulation for intermediate athletes, with a potent 700 mg dose. It's designed to provide enhanced benefits compared to the Myodrol Lite and Red series.

Can beginners use Myodrol Platinum?

Myodrol Platinum is recommended for intermediate users. Beginners are advised to start with Myodrol Lite before progressing to the Platinum series.

Can I stack Myodrol Platinum with other supplements?

Yes, Myodrol Platinum can be stacked with other Myogenetix supplements like creatine, and whey protein.

Any side effects with Myodrol Platinum?

Myodrol Platinum is designed to have no side effects. Follow the recommended dosage and guidelines for safe use.

How long should I cycle off after using Myodrol Platinum for 30 days?

Take a break for two months after a 30-day cycle. During this break, consider using Muscledrol to support your fitness goals.

Is Myodrol Platinum suitable for fat loss and muscle gain simultaneously?

Yes, Myodrol Platinum is designed to support both fat loss and muscle gain when combined with a proper diet and exercise routine.

How does Myodrol-HSP differ from traditional muscle-hardening compounds?

Myodrol-HSP introduces a revolutionary compound that renders other muscle-hardening compounds obsolete. The redesign eliminates aromatizing compounds, making it highly effective in achieving muscle hardness without unwanted side effects.

Is Myodrol-HSP comparable to HMB, Deca, or somewhere in between?

Myodrol-HSP exhibits promising results in muscle gains and fat loss, but success hinges on addressing key factors. Achieving and sustaining optimal blood levels is crucial, emphasizing the importance of proper dosing and delivery systems.

Is Myodrol a steroid, and what is its foundation?

Myodrol is not a steroid; it originates from plant-based 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone discovered by Hungarian researchers. Myogenetix transformed its molecular structure, ensuring nearly 100% absorption for muscle, strength, and vascularity gains without unwanted side effects.

How can the authenticity of Myodrol be verified?

Authenticity can be verified by scratching and scanning the QR Code. The results should open at, assuring the product's genuineness.

How long should Myodrol be used, and is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) required?

Myodrol is used for 30 days, followed by a 2-month break. During the break, Muscledrol can be used for desensitization. MyoPCTpro can be used for added support to the liver, prostate, kidneys, heart, and immune system.

Can Myodrol be consumed with ZMA, and can it be taken before sleep at night?

Myodrol can be consumed with ZMA, and after the 30-day cycle, Muscledrol and MyoPCTPRO can be taken before sleeping. Myodrol is not a pre-workout and should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach for optimal results.

Can Myodrol be consumed with alcoholic drinks, and does it impact hair health or testosterone levels?

While Myodrol can be consumed with alcohol, it's advised to be mindful of its potential to lower testosterone levels. Myodrol does not impact hair health and does not convert to DHT.

Can gains achieved with Myodrol be maintained, and is it suitable for individuals in their initial months of exercise?

Gains with Myodrol can be maintained by continuing a balanced diet and regular training. Myodrol Lite is recommended for beginners, ensuring a gradual progression in muscle-building benefits.

What are the recommended dosage and usage instructions for Myodrol?

Myodrol should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach for 30 days, with a suggested dosage of one serving every day. The product should be paused for a month before starting another cycle, during which Muscledrol can be used.

How can the desensitization of androgen receptors be achieved with Myodrol?

After completing a 30-day Myodrol cycle, desensitization of androgen receptors can be achieved by using Muscledrol and MyoPCTPRO for the next 30-60 days. This strategic use ensures optimal results and prepares the body for another Myodrol cycle.

How does Myodrol compare to traditional steroids and SARMs in terms of safety?

Myodrol-HSP is not a steroid or SARM; it falls under the category of non-hormonal anabolic/anti-catabolic compounds. Its powerful flavonoids reduce cortisol levels, enhance protein synthesis, and aid overall recovery without the androgenic side effects associated with traditional steroids or SARMs.

How does Myodrol contribute to metabolic activities and overall recovery from exercise?

Myodrol-HSP serves as a metabolic agent with anabolic activities and no androgenic side effects. Its potent flavones reduce cortisol levels, boost protein synthesis, and facilitate recovery from exercise, promoting overall well-being.

Is Myodrol FDA-approved, and how does it comply with quality standards in manufacturing?

Myodrol is manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility. While it is not FDA-approved in the traditional sense, it adheres to high-quality manufacturing standards. Dietary supplements, including Myodrol, fall under the regulation of DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act).

What makes Myodrol-HSP a metabolic agent, and how does it support anabolic activities without androgenic side effects?

Myodrol-HSP acts as a metabolic agent with anabolic activities and no androgenic side effects. Its powerful flavonoids reduce cortisol levels, elevate protein synthesis, and promote recovery from exercise, contributing to muscle building without the unwanted side effects associated with hormonal compounds.

Can a beginner incorporate Myodrol into their fitness routine, and what variants are suitable based on the individual's exercise duration?

Beginners can use Myodrol Lite, tailored to their needs. The exercise duration, whether 3 to 4 months or longer, does not impact the decision. However, the exercise duration might influence the choice between Myodrol Lite, Myodrol Platinum, or Myodrol Pro, with potency increasing accordingly.

How does Myodrol contribute to maintaining gains, and what post-cycle recommendations ensure sustained benefits?

Myodrol aids in maintaining gains by recommending a consistent carbohydrate intake, regular training (at least 3 times a week), and the use of Muscledrol for the next 2 months post the Myodrol cycle. These post-cycle practices ensure sustained benefits, preventing regression.

What distinguishes Myodrol-HSP from other muscle-hardening compounds, and how has its formula evolved to eliminate aromatizing compounds?

Myodrol-HSP stands out due to its revolutionary formula, rendering other muscle-hardening compounds obsolete. The formula has evolved significantly, eliminating aromatizing compounds, and ensuring a safer and more effective muscle-building experience.

Can Myodrol be taken with whiskey, and what impact does whiskey have on testosterone levels?

While Myodrol can be consumed with whiskey, it's essential to note that whiskey tends to lower testosterone levels. Users should be mindful of the potential impact on hormonal balance when combining Myodrol with alcoholic beverages.

What dietary recommendations enhance the effectiveness of Myodrol, and how does it support anabolic activities without androgenic side effects?

Myodrol's effectiveness is optimized with a diet featuring moderate carbohydrates and high protein. It operates as a non-hormonal anabolic/anti-catabolic compound, decreasing cortisol levels, promoting protein synthesis, and facilitating overall recovery without inducing androgenic side effects.

What role does Myodrol play in increasing strength, muscularity, and vascularity, and how does it differ from unsafe SARMs and steroids?

Myodrol contributes to increased strength, muscularity, and vascularity without the unwanted side effects associated with unsafe SARMs and steroids. Its foundation in plant-based isoflavones, along with an esterified version, ensures a safer and more effective approach to achieving desired results in muscle building and body transformation.

Is Myodrol a pre-workout supplement, and what are the recommended times for its consumption to maximize benefits?

Myodrol is not a pre-workout supplement. It is advised to be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach for optimal results. This timing ensures that the body efficiently absorbs the active ingredients, contributing to increased rates of muscle building and fat loss.