MYOGENETIX® WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein 30g

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Just add Water or Milk, Shake it Up & Enjoy the Best Tasting Protein Shake, Ever!

Absolutely one of the best-tasting protein powders on the planet, Wheygenetix® is the gold standard in high-quality protein shakes, made simply with 100% pure whey protein concentrate originating from cows of German origin, free of antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs!

With an ultra-smooth texture, a huge range of flavors, and instant mixing, you’re guaranteed zero after-tastes, zero grittiness, and a smooth and creamy texture.

A single serving of Wheygenetix® contains up to a massive 80% protein, is rich in naturally occurring Essential Amino Acids, and has no added sugar. It’s the ultimate protein shake to boost your protein intake any time of day.

Try Hundreds of Awesome Flavours while saving money and taking your muscle recovery to an altogether, different level!

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What is Wheygenetix®?

Our Wheygenetix® is unrivaled in terms of quality and taste. This unique protein shake has been developed without compromise using only the finest whey protein concentrate, originating from milk from free-range cows from the German Alpine region, absolutely free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and GMOs delivering a massive 80% protein content. That’s 24g of protein, less than 2g of carbohydrates, and 120 calories per 30g serving.

What are the Benefits of Wheygenetix®?

Wheygenetix® is high in BCAAs and low in fat and cholesterol, making it a healthy protein shake to consume any time of day. Its high protein and rich essential amino acids status means Wheygenetix® contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, helping you reach and maintain your fitness goals.

What makes Wheygenetix® Unique?

  • Smooth texture – Wheygenetix® yields a smooth, creamy, and delicious protein shake that’ll satisfy your tastebuds with every sip.
  • Delicious flavors – Wheygenetix® comes in a variety of indulgent flavors including Alpine Milk Chocolate, Maple Butterscotch, Tiramisu, and more.
  • Zero after-taste – Unlike other protein powders in the market, our Wheygenetix® has no artificial aftertaste so you don’t have to grin and bear it as you might with other brands’ proteins.
  • Instant mixability – Thanks to its high-quality makeup and perfect formulation, our Wheygenetix® is easy and quick to blend into a smooth and creamy shake.
  • No grittiness: – We guarantee 100% zero grit in your Wheygenetix®.
  • Perfectly sweetened: -Wheygenetix® is perfectly sweetened so you can enjoy your shake without sweetness overpowering other flavors.

How Natural is Wheygenetix®?

Wheygenetix® is a natural food source that has been a staple in people’s diets for centuries. Research has shown that grass-fed milk contains more linoleic acids and higher omega-3 fatty acids than milk from cows confined to indoor rearing. With our Wheygenetix®, you can rest assured that you are getting the purest and most natural whey protein possible.

When should I use Wheygenetix®?

Whey protein shakes can be consumed pretty much any time of day, although for optimal results we recommend consuming within one hour of your workout. This is known as the ‘golden hour’ when your body and muscles are starting to repair. The incredible properties of Wheygenetix® mean it can be taken at any time that works for you to boost your protein intake and satisfy your cravings in a healthy and delicious way that is low in calories, low in lactose, with no added sugar, and low in cholesterol. It’s therefore perfect for individuals on a calorie-controlled diet. As always, we recommend using our products in conjunction with a varied and balanced diet and a regular exercise routine.

Q. When should I take Wheygenetix®?

A. It depends on your lifestyle and goals, we recommend the following optimal serving times for Wheygenetix®: Immediately upon waking. 30 minutes pre-workout and immediately after your workout. Before you go to bed. Any other time during the day when you require additional protein intake.

Q. How much Wheygenetix® should I take?

A. It is recommended that you consume between 3-5 servings per day, depending upon your own personal needs. A serving would be classed as 30g (one scoop) of whey protein concentrate. It is recommended that you take 1g of protein per pound of body weight, so adjust your intake accordingly.

Q. Are all whey protein concentrates the same, regardless of which brand they are?

A. As a customer, we believe it is not only your right to demand the best but also that you know you’re getting the best. It is very true to say that not all proteins are created equal! We are committed to transparency and openness in all our products and that is why we provide the following information on all our protein products:

1. Product Profile – a complete overview of the product’s background including our approval, location of manufacture, and money-back guarantee applicability

2. Protein Insight – a complete breakdown of the types and quantities of protein contained in the product

Q. How can I tell if the protein I use is a good quality protein?

A. Keys signs to look for are the level of protein declared on the label. Look for whey protein concentrate with a minimum of 80%. Unflavoured, pure whey protein concentrate should be smooth with a neutral dairy taste. It should be easy to mix and with little froth. Of course, the ultimate way to know is from the results you get from taking the product.

Q. Does flavored Wheygenetix® contain artificial coloring?

A. We like to keep things pure, so you won’t have to worry about finding any artificial colors in any Musclestadt® products. That’s not just marketing talk, that’s a promise!

Q. Is Wheygenetix® suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

A. Wheygenetix® is suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans.

Q. Can I take Wheygenetix® with other supplements?

A. Yes, no problem. We recommend you always check serving instructions on each product if you plan on taking a combination. Wheygenetix® is most commonly taken with creatine monohydrate, Aminogrow®, and Glutamine.

Q. Can I take too much protein?

A. If you don’t burn the excess calories that come with the additional protein, it may lead to increased body fat. No other side effects have been noted.

Q. How do I make the perfect whey protein shake with Wheygenetix®?

A. There are a few things to bear in mind if you are looking to make the perfect protein shake. First of all, you need a quality protein like our Wheygenetix® or Isogenetix®. You will also need a decent blender rather than a shaker. Then pour your preferred amount of liquid into the blender. Bear in mind that milk will provide a creamier shake but water will avoid the extra fat that comes with milk. Next, drop one scoop of protein into the liquid, screw on the lid and shake well. It’s not rocket science, but follow the basic principles and you’ll be making great-tasting shakes for years to come.

Q. How do I know how much Wheygenetix® is in a protein blend or formula if it is not on the label along with other protein sources?

A. The truth is guys, you won’t be able to tell! Some unscrupulous brands don’t declare the protein breakdown of the protein types and quantities used in their products. Different types of protein cost different amounts and they can offer quite different levels of quality. Through “engineering” products, it is possible to achieve and declare a high level of protein on a label by using different types of protein and lower-quality raw ingredients. If a protein product states a high protein content but is unbelievably cheap, then you should seriously question its credentials. We’re one of the few brands in the world that control the entire supply chain so there isn’t much we don’t know about protein and sports supplements. In addition, we declare the amount of each protein contained in each Musclestadt® brand product. No bull, no smoke and mirrors, just full transparency on what you’re getting.

Q. What if any side effects will I get from taking Wheygenetix®?

A. We haven’t heard of any nasty side effects from taking Wheygenetix® other than maybe increased flatulence! Provided you don’t have an allergy to dairy proteins or need to restrict dairy products for medical reasons, you should be fine. If you are allergic to dairy proteins, please consult your doctor prior to consuming any type of whey protein.

Q. Do any foods contain whey protein concentrate?

A. No, there are no foods that contain whey protein concentrate. There are many foods that contain high levels of protein, such as red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, and cheese.

Q. What effects should I expect from taking Wheygenetix® alongside my training regime?

A. Results vary depending on your diet, nutrition, training, and individual body type.

Q. Who should take/benefit from using Wheygenetix®?

A. Bodybuilders and strength athletes/endurance athletes / those on a controlled weight loss diet / those new to weight training/people involved in team sports.

What is WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake?

WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake by MYOGENETIX® is a top-tier native, cold-filtered whey protein formula sourced exclusively from free-range, grass-fed cows. Delivering 24g of premium protein per 30g serving, it boasts an exceptional amino acid profile, making it an optimal choice for fueling recovery and building lean muscle.

How does WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes taste?

Our flavors are highly praised, with 100% natural flavorings and colorings. We've worked diligently to develop a range of delicious options, resulting in a great-tasting, easily mixable, and creamy whey protein shake.

How is our Whey Protein made?

Crafted from the purest sweet cheese through a meticulous cross-flow micro-filtration process, our Whey Protein Concentrate retains all 20 essential and non-essential amino acids. Delivered to you from Europe's finest dairies, it's a testament to quality and purity.

Why are WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake superior?

We're not just another supplement brand; we're the MVPs of purity and quality. Crafted in Germany under strict organic standards, our products are a testament to excellence. No GMOs, no antibiotics, just pure, untainted goodness. When you choose Pure Powders, you're choosing the best for your body. 


Why is our Whey Protein the Ultimate Choice?

Experience the pinnacle of protein perfection sourced directly from the renowned Müller dairy in Germany, renowned for crafting the finest whey worldwide. Our Whey protein is manufactured with milk from free-range, grass-fed cows, ensuring unparalleled purity, free from GMOs and hormones. We uphold full traceability, guaranteeing a product of uncompromising quality. With no additives or fillers, our whey stands as the epitome of purity. And let's not forget our delightful flavors, meticulously crafted from 100% natural ingredients. 

How well does it mix?

Our whey protein is "instantized," ensuring effortless mixing. A small amount of sunflower lecithin is used, providing a smooth and delicious protein shake.

What is free range? Does it affect milk quality?

Free range means happy cows roaming in open pastures, which can mean better milk quality. Stress-free cows produce milk with lower cortisol levels and no added hormones or antibiotics, giving you purer milk.

How many flavor options does WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes offer?

We offer an extensive range of over 20 delicious flavors, all made with 100% natural flavorings and colorings. With such variety, you can enjoy a different flavor every day for over a month without repeating it!

Are the flavors of WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake natural?

Yes, all our flavors are highly acclaimed and made using 100% natural flavorings and colorings, ensuring a delicious and wholesome taste experience.

What's the recommended method for consuming WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes?

It's quite straightforward. Simply pour 200 ml of water into the bottle and mix it well. Voila! Your shake is ready to enjoy. Additionally, feel free to customize your shake by incorporating ingredients such as seeds, dried fruits, or oats for an extra protein boost according to your preferences.

Does WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes require any additional tools or equipment for preparation?

No, there's no need for shakers, mixers, or any other equipment. Simply add water to the pre-measured serving of WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes and enjoy.

Are WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes suitable for travel and flights?

Yes, WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes are cabin-friendly and highly portable. Its convenient packaging makes it easy to take with you while traveling, without the need for extra materials or preparation.


Are WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes convenient for busy lifestyles?

Yes, WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes are extremely convenient for busy individuals. With its easy-to-use packaging, all you need is water to prepare it, eliminating the need for additional equipment or ingredients.

Can WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes be mixed with other beverages besides water?

Yes, you can mix WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes with your preferred beverage, such as milk and almond milk for an added variety in taste.

Can I mix and match the flavors of WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes?

Absolutely! you have the freedom to create your own flavor combinations with WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shakes. Whether it's chocolate with strawberry, vanilla with mango, or any other combination, the possibilities are endless. Feel free to get creative and combine flavors to suit your taste buds.

How will this Protein Powder benefit my training?

Loaded with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamic acid, WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake swiftly delivers essential nutrients to muscles, fostering muscle growth and repair through protein synthesis. Consequently, it aids in quicker recovery and more effective muscle building.

What makes Whey Protein special?

Whey protein isn't just any protein – it's the gold standard. With unmatched absorption rates, the highest biological value, and a synergistic effect with high GI carbohydrates, it's the ideal choice for pre and post-workout nourishment. Experience the benefits firsthand and elevate your fitness journey.

Why take a Protein supplement like this?

Protein is a fundamental element for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, essential for cell growth and repair, especially in muscles. WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake is the perfect solution to meet your protein needs. With high protein, low fat, and low carbohydrates, it's an ideal way to boost your daily protein intake, aiding in quick recovery and muscle growth.

What is Native Whey Protein?

Native Whey Protein is the real deal – it's a pure protein naturally found in fresh milk. No additives or chemicals here. It's super easy to digest and gets to work quickly, packed with essential amino acids for muscle repair and growth.

Is WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?

Yes, WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake is suitable for most individuals as it is sourced from vegetarian sweet cheese and is free from GMOs and hormones. However, individuals with dairy allergies should exercise caution or consult a healthcare professional before consuming.

Is WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake suitable for those looking to lose weight?

Yes, whey protein can aid in weight loss by promoting satiety and supporting lean muscle growth. Additionally, WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake is low in fat and carbohydrates, making it a suitable option for those watching their calorie intake.

Is WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts?

Absolutely! WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake provides 24g of premium protein per serving, making it ideal for fueling recovery and supporting lean muscle gains. With its high amino acid profile, it aids in muscle growth and repair post-workout.

Have you added any digestive enzymes to your protein?

Nope, we're keeping it natural. Your body's got its own digestive enzyme squad, so no need for extras. Plus, our native whey protein is all about easy digestion and absorption.

What complements WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake?

For enhanced lean muscle growth, add 3g of MYOGENETIX® CREATINE to your shake. Additionally, consider incorporating pre-workouts by MYOGENTIX® into your intra-workout shake for rapid recovery from intense workouts.

Can WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake be used as a meal replacement?

While WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake provides essential protein and amino acids, it should not be used as a sole source of nutrition. It is intended to supplement a balanced diet and support muscle recovery and growth.

Is your Whey Protein free from growth hormones?

Absolutely. Our Whey Protein comes from Germany, where the use of growth hormones is banned, ensuring a pure and high-quality product.

How does protein contribute to energy levels?

Creatine, a substance derived from amino acids, plays a crucial role in ATP production, the body's energy currency. By enhancing ATP production, creatine helps reduce fatigue and tiredness, supporting sustained energy levels.

Can I use WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any underlying medical conditions, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before incorporating any new supplements into your routine, including WHEYGENETIX® Ready to Drink Protein Shake.

How does protein contribute to lean muscle building?

Protein is broken down into amino acids, which are used to build new muscle proteins. The presence of amino acids like leucine triggers muscle protein synthesis, promoting muscle growth. Additionally, protein stimulates the release of anabolic hormones like IGF-1 and growth hormone, further aiding in muscle gain.

Can protein help with fat burning?

Yes, protein contributes to fat burning through multiple mechanisms. It helps build lean muscle mass, which increases the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and burns calories even at rest. Moreover, the thermogenic effect of protein leads to increased calorie expenditure during digestion. Additionally, protein suppresses the hunger hormone ghrelin, resulting in reduced appetite and calorie intake.

How does protein support recovery after exercise?

lactic acid accumulation, transitioning the body from a catabolic to an anabolic state. The amino acids in protein assist in repairing muscle cracks, while glutamine helps reduce muscle cramps, facilitating quicker recovery and enabling athletes to return to training sooner.

What role does protein play in immunity?

Protein supports immune function by aiding in the breakdown of nutrients and regulating immune responses. Amino acids like threonine promote immune system function, while glutathione, an antioxidant derived from protein, helps combat free radicals and regulate immune activity.

How does protein contribute to skin, hair, and nail health?

Certain amino acids found in protein, such as cysteine and methionine, contribute to hair strength and growth. Cysteine acts as an antioxidant, protecting hair from damage, while methionine increases blood supply to the scalp, promoting hair growth. Additionally, arginine supports circulation to hair roots, enhancing hair growth and texture.

Why are protein supplements necessary despite obtaining protein from our diet?

Protein is crucial for cell growth and repair, especially in muscles, aiding training adaptations. However, many find it challenging to consume sufficient protein solely from whole foods. Hence, protein supplements offer a convenient solution to meet the required intake for optimal training benefits.

Who should take/benefit from using WHEYGENETIX®?

Bodybuilders and strength athletes/endurance athletes / those on a controlled weight loss diet / those new to weight training/people involved in team sports.

Is WHEYGENETIX® suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Wheygenetix® is suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans.

Does flavoured WHEYGENETIX® contain artificial colouring?

We like to keep things pure, so you won't have to worry about finding any artificial colours in any Musclestadt® products. That's not just marketing talk, that's a promise!